Adventure Games: Volcanic Island

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An Adventure in Four Chapters

In this cooperative story-based game, you and your team assume the roles of four college students who take on an unusual research assignment on a volcanic island. As you explore locations, find and combine items, discover clues, and talk to characters, a story unfolds - and things start to get pretty trippy.

What secrets do the people - and animals - on this strange volcanic island hold? Get tothe bottom of it and find out what's really going on. How the story ends is up to you!

120 Adventure Cards
  ‣ 90 Numbered Cards (10-99)
  ‣ 26 Other Cards
  ‣ 4 Character Cards
1 Adventure Book
4 Character Figure Tokens
34 Other Tokens
4 Plastic Stands
20 Location Cards

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 75 minutes per chapter

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