Metal Detector Rental Policy

Here at Family Fun Hobbies, we offer the rental service of one of our Garrett Ace 200 metal detectors. 

How it Works: 

Rental cost is $30 per calendar day. We also require a $200 deposit which will be refunded upon return of the metal detector.

Why is there a $200 deposit?

The reason we require this deposit is because the Garrett Ace 200 retails for $199.99. In the event the metal detector is lost, stolen, broken, or otherwise not returned, this deposit helps protects our business. 

Why would I need to rent a metal detector? 

Many reasons! The most common reasons are actually things like, "I lost my ring in the garden," or "I'm searching for the metal spikes underground which indicate my property lines." Some people just want to take it to the beach for a day to see if they can find any buried treasure without having to commit to purchasing. 

Regardless of why you need it, we firmly believe that an investment like this should be try before you buy! If you enjoy your metal detector experience, we sell various models from the Garrett series