Choose Your Own Adventure

Chooseco LLC


Chooseco is a purpose-built publishing house which brought the groundbreaking Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series back to print in 2006. Since the series relaunch, Chooseco has sold over 15 million copies as well as expanded its list to include linear fiction with the YA trilogy Weregirl.

The originator and best-known gamebook in the world, the Choose Your Own Adventure series has been translated into 40 languages and has 265 million books in print worldwide. Chooseco has expanded the brand’s presence through selective licensing. Twentieth Century Fox has optioned the film rights using emerging technology developed by Kino Industries to allow audience participation in a theatrical release. In 2018, a license of Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger to Z-Man Games saw unprecedented success in the first Choose Your Own Adventure board game. 

Chooseco is based in North Central Vermont. It boasts a top-notch creative team dedicated to promoting literacy through immersive gamebooks based on the principles of series founder R. A. Montgomery.