Board Game Rental Policy

Family Fun Hobbies boasts a sizable rotating selection of board games and card games available for rental! Given that many contemporary board games have become a steep expenditure, this is a fantastic option for people who want to test before they invest. It's also a great idea for parties! If you have any questions that aren't answered below, don't hesitate to give our store a call at 609-838-2049 or email our staff at [email protected]

How does your Game Rental work?

We charge 10% of the game's retail price per calendar day. For example: a game that retails for $49.99 will cost you only $4.99 per day, a game that retails for $99.99 will cost you $9.99 per day; et cetera. 

After you decide what game(s) you want to rent, we have you fill out a form for each game you're taking home. The form will have the date, the game's information, your contact information, and your payment information. 

Once the game is returned to us, we charge for however many days you had the game and we shred your payment information for your security. Simple as that! 

Why do you keep my payment information on file?

We keep all renter payment information on file for the potential event in which a renter does not return our demo game. If the game you rented from us is lost or damaged, we will have to charge you full price for the product.

Additionally, if the amount of days you've had the game exceeds the retail price of the game, we will simply charge you for the game in full, at which point we will shred your payment information and you may keep the game. 

What if I really like the game I rented? 

That's great! This is why we allow customers to try before they buy with our rental program. If you rent a game from us that you really love and you want to buy your own copy from us, we will waive your rental fee! It's a win/win for everyone!

Can I try out a game in-store so I can ask the staff questions? 

Sure! Any time we don't have an event running, our tables are open for free-play. We also host Board Game Nights every Saturday evening starting at 6pm!