Paint by Numbers: Starry Night - 16x20


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The Starry Night paint by number is undeniably one of Vincent van Gogh's most famous paint by numbers. It is a dreamy painting done with bold, short strokes in circular motions, emphasizing the physical application of paint on the canvas.

Van Gogh painted this numeral masterpiece from the view in his room. He painted it during the hardest moments of his life; the reason why this artwork holds much more powerful emotions and interpretations compared with his other works.

Starry Night, so as its paint by number version, is known for its beautiful brushstrokes and colors. The blending of blue skies and mountains on the back gives a different dimension to the numeral painting as if the night was so bright. On the lower right, you'll find a little village painted in a combination of blue and brown tones. But what truly makes the paint by numbers Starry Night special are the vibrant yellow and white colors of the stars and moon that stand out against the night sky.

Vincent van Gogh is a Dutch painter known for his dramatic, impressionist artworks. His bold and unconventional technique was inspired by his stay in Paris; where he was drawn to the colors and light that represents emotions and feelings. In 1888, Van Gogh was placed in an asylum because of his depression.

A painting that captures nature’s beauty is timeless. It’s like revisiting a place from the olden times from the perspective of the artist. It’s a beautiful subject that fits every occasion. This famous painting paint by numbers gathers all this, making this painting a masterpiece!

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